9:30am - 9pm Daily

Lambros is an artist and a goldsmith unlike any other jeweler today. Inspired by the ancient designs of his native Greece and uniquely modern designs of today, he creates exquisite jewelry with a tasteful artistic touch. Drawing on experience gained since the age of twelve, Lambros is renowned for developing designs with asymmetrical shapes, free forms, and for his utilization of fine stones such as chalcedony, druzy, agate, black onyx and a combination of stones that most would not even dare try to merge. Each piece is hand crafted and specially designed, so no piece is created exactly the same, it adds personality and charm to each artistic and inimitable piece. Specifically crafted to bring out the best features in the wearer, Lambros’ signature pieces are truly one of a kind. 

In the past 30 years, he has expanded his collection of fine artistry to encompass the needs of any jewelry lover. Expanding from a family operated store in Annandale, Virginia, today they proudly serve new and returning clients at all of their family-owned locations.