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9:30 a.m - 9:00 p.m daily

Imrie showcases a collection of classic but chic clothes like tops, dresses, jumpsuits, pants, shorts, and skirts plus accessories ideal for life on the move and especially on the beach. Imrie’s comfortable and well-tailored women’s wear includes new arrivals that are feminine and elegantly crafted with stonewashed silks, Japanese crepes, and linen tencel blends. Added to their wide collection is their fashionable swimwear line, which boasts of bathing suits made with quality Italian microfiber, as well as their children’s collection, Little Imrie. Accessories include unique jewelry pieces, intended for comfortable wear (not just for show) and combine James Colorusso ergonomic designs and organic pieces with the best quality leather and Tahitian black pearls from Terre Mer creator Jessica Ruffie.